In an era when being green means stocking up on trendy reusable bags, when living your dream often means getting wrapped up in sticky red tape, and everyone scrambles to get the next disposable gadget, it is refreshing to meet someone who just keeps it simple. 

Sara Guindon, artist, illustrator, co-founder of the pinpals, and all around queen of craftiness, proves thrifty is nifty.  She always bikes or walks.  She uses a telephone.  She combs thrift stores for inspiration...and she draws.  Sara creates inky worlds where cats and dogs can sidle up to the bar together, and paper puppets read, buy groceries, and play guitar.  Her work is playful and nostalgic, with a hint of comfortable lonliness. 

Hailing from Canada,  Sara is settling right into the high plains craft scene.  Most recently, she set up shop at The Firefly Makerie Market in Boulder.  Check out the pinpal blog or read this lovely pikaland interview with Sara the artist for some more illustrated inspiration.

In addition to all her crafty, artsy wonderfulness, Sara has been an indispensible business advisor to Rakun.  From brainstorming names while navigating the bumpy sidewalks of Baker, to reviewing building code comments and consignment agreements, Sara is a wonderful member of our den.  Thanks, Sara!  Can't wait for the pinpals to move into Rakun!