In the midst of trolling the web for best cash management system, I received an email that absolutely made me swoon.  Stitch Fetish, founded by the vixen of craftiness, Lalania Simone, is full of bright, whimsical, handmade critters and bags.  I can't wait to open Rakun and have Lalania join the den, as she really is into a little bit of everything.  Here, in her own words, is a little taste of what this renaissance gal is into:

"I make beautiful things because, crafting is like breathing to me. I enjoy an underlying strangeness to my art, subtle yet vivid and unique to me.

I am immersed in fiber arts, and teach craft classes here in Denver. My fiber crafts of choice are sewing, embroidery, knitting and crochet. I also love collage and other paper-craft, and jewelry making.

I am also an author, my book Urban Soul Warrior, is available in bookstores and online."

Whew!  She even has time to find great materials to repurpose and upcycle, like this very delicious bag, just in time for spring:

Thanks, Lalania for sharing your amazing craftiness with Rakun!