Lincoln Park, La Alma, The Santa Fe Arts District...whatever you call it, this little corner of Westside Denver is a neighborhood on the move!  When we settled here a few years ago, the 1100 block of Santa Fe Drive was a desolate little place, with the shuffle in and out of the liquor store and the 7-11 the only signs of life.  Then, along came The Taoist Tai Chi Society, then Shwervers Bar, and the block began to perk up.

Other blocks are blossoming, too, especially the vibrant 700-900 section, where you can find lacy, yummy cakes at
Frills Cake Shop, whiskey and grub at Interstate Kitchen and Bar, steamy coffee and tea at Yellow Feather Coffee, and now, just last week, fabulous fabric and yarn at the very adorable Fabric Bliss!  I have been watching the little storefront out of the corner of my eye for awhile, hoping for a cute and cozy place to stock up on supplies, and my little dream came true!  A mecca of crafty inspiration!  A crisp, clean storefront run by very friendly folks!  A new sunny spot on Santa Fe!  Yea!

On the walk home, I was all a-flutter, gushing that I could sell my car and never leave the Westside...with Belemonti's Pizzeria, the year round Farmer's Market at Denver Urban Homesteading, and now Fabric Bliss, I have everything I need.  Thanks, Fabric Bliss for keeping me motivated to keep busy and get Rakun's doors open soon!